Our Services

cross-flow paint booth heat cures paint for a baked-on finish
We use only high quality PPG paint

We use only high-quality PPG paint applied in a cross-flow paint booth and heat cured for a baked on finish - never air-dried as in many other shops.

The rear of the car pictured at right was painted after rust was cut out of the wheel wells, and new metal soldered in. The paint is an identical match to the rest of the vehicle.

After baking in the paint booth, the paint will be buffed to a high gloss finish.

Chief frame machine

Our high-precision Chief frame machine (pictured at left) can anchor and pull your vehicle's frame back to its original shape after an accident.

We also can replace broken glass (windows or windshield), door locks, and trunk locks. Plus we offer towing. Just give us a call.

technician working on a smashed-up car

Our excellent workmanship is matched by our outstanding customer service. We take the time to explain our pricing, going over exactly what is needed and why.

We'll also help you negotiate with your insurance company, when necessary. To speed claims processing, we take a digital image of your vehicle and send it to your insurance company along with the estimate.

technician working on a smashed-up car

We take pride in our work, and guarantee it for as long as you own your vehicle (provided the vehicle isn't hit again).